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Responsible Gambling

While mb8 PLAY encourages bettors to enjoy betting leisurely, we advocate responsible gambling. As a licensed online betting platform, we are strict about watching how long patrons spend on gambling on its platform.
At mb8 PLAY, we understand that online betting across various categories is quite high. Besides, the thrills and positive energy of winning may spur players into losing track of time while betting. However, at the same time, many patrons have lost all their betting and winnings due to unchecked gambling.
For this reason, mb8 PLAY has developed several means to ensure responsible gambling on its platform.

Steps Taken by mb8 PLAY online casino

Automatic Betting Restrictions

At our online betting platform, we assist patrons in avoiding excessive gambling in the most practical way by limiting their deposits. This is set at 1000 Ringgit maximum, which has been quite effective. Once a player attains the daily limit, he or she will not bet or spend any more on mb8 PLAY. Considering that our website enables one USER ID per head, you cannot bet using any other account.

Set Your Own Limits

Here is another protocol utilized on mb8 PLAY. Our system allows players to set a limit on their monthly, weekly, or daily spending. Players are encouraged to do this at the start of the month. Once the amount is spent, players won’t be able to bet again.

Gambling Issue Complaint

Many players on our platform love our products to the extent that they over-exceed their spending capacity. Consequently, it can lead to financial issues within the family. If this happens, we have a 24-hour hotline service to record gambling issue complaints. Players are encouraged to understand bankroll management before gambling online.

Signs of Gambling Problems

Considering that mb8 PLAY is a member of Responsible Gambling, several stringent policies have been stated to help patrons gamble responsibly. We offer help in the following signs of gambling problems:
These are some of the challenges highlighted by the Responsible Gambling Council. Feel free to contact us if you ever notice these behavioral changes or you notice it in anyone.
1. Difficulty in resisting gambling.
2. Persistent thoughts about gambling.
3. Stealing or borrowing to finance gambling.
4. Selling other’s possessions to fund gambling.
5 Spending more on gambling than you can win.
6. Thoughts of repaying loans via successful gambling.
7. Assuming that prolonged online gambling can lead to massive winning.
8. Isolation from family and social circle.
9. Reduced interactions with others.
10. Developing a guilty feeling due to lackadaisical attitude at work or to family.

Call for Self-exclusion

If you would like to remove your account from the mb8 PLAY online casino for some time, we will gladly assist in this regard. Simply contact our support number, and we’ll act accordingly.

Looking for Professional Help?


Here is an international NGO that helps gamblers to lower or quit addicted gambling activity. Many gamblers often fail to notice the difference between casual gambling and addicted gambling. For this reason, BeGambleAware has three missions.
Firstly, it seeks to enlighten the general public about the importance and harms associated with addicted gambling. Secondly, it enhances events that can help lower the possibility of addicted gambling. Lastly, the group saves people dealing with gambling-related problems by providing professional guidance and assistance.
Contact number: +44 808 802 0133
Email: [email protected]


Another organization working to provide counsel, assistance, and information to individuals dealing with gambling-related problems is Gamcare. Since 1997, the group has been offering sympathetic services to gambling patrons. Gamcare offers one-on-one counsel, emotional support, advice, and assistance. The representatives are reachable via email, forums, 24/7 live chat, or phone call.
Contact number: +44 207 801 7000
Email: [email protected]
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