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VIP Program

At mb8 PLAY online betting platform, our patrons enjoy a series of opportunities that increase their chances of winning. The VIP programme is one of the most enticing features of betting on the platform. With the program, we reward loyal members for playing regularly on the online casino.
The VIP program offers a plethora of exclusive offers to members. This includes higher withdrawal limits, improved maximum limit per transaction, special rebates, gifts, and treats. As players achieve higher status in the VIP program, the exclusive offers get even more exciting.
Silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and royal statuses are all available in the mb8 PLAY VIP programme. Each status has distinctive features, and it only gets better as players secure higher ranks. Every player stands a chance of achieving a new higher rank on the betting platform when they make a specific minimum deposit. To learn more about the benefits, differences, and how to upgrade your VIP levels, find out below:

Benefits of VIP Members in mb8 PLAY (Updated – April 2022)

When a player becomes a VIP member on mb8 PLAY, they enjoy several exclusive offers and rewards. These offers are categorized into three groups as follows:

Service Supports

With this offer, VIP members enjoy a series of special assistance and services from the betting platform. For instance, whether you have Silver or royal ranks, you experience improved daily withdrawal limits, higher daily transactions, and increased maximum limits per transaction. Also, platinum to royal members gets designated, account manager.

Special Rebates

At the online casino, we offer special rebates on live casino games, sports, and slots games. In other words, players get a certain percentage of their money spent on games on a weekly basis. This percentage increases as you get ranked on the VIP membership status. Also, there is a weekly rescue bonus, ranging from 1.00% to 8.00%, depending on your VIP status.

Gifts And Treats

Here are unique offers specially designed for the most valuable players on the Malaysia betting platform. They involve birthday bonuses, tier upgrade bonuses, and special birthday gifts. A birthday bonus is available for every VIP member, regardless of your status. However, the special birthday gift is only meant for royal VIP clients. As with other bonuses, the higher your rank, the higher the size of gifts and treats.

Differences Between All VIP Levels in mb8 PLAY

As suggested earlier, all mb8 PLAY VIP levels are different for various reasons. The initial VIP status is Silver, which requires only a first-time deposit to qualify. For players who want to become eligible for gold, platinum, or diamond status, you must have deposited at least MYR 100,000, MYR 300,000, and MYR 500,000, respectively, on the betting platform. A royal member is a loyal patron who has deposited at least MYR 800,000 on the online casino.
Also, each VIP membership status features membership renewal. For Silver and Gold, the status is a lifetime. Hence, players do not have to renew. On the contrary, players holding platinum, diamond, or royal status have to renew monthly to keep the membership position. Finally, as mentioned earlier, bonuses, special rebates, and service supports differ slightly as players enjoy improved offers as they climb up the membership status from Silver to royal.

How to Upgrade VIP Levels in mb8 PLAY?

If you would like to upgrade your level, simply meet the minimum deposit amount. From there, you’ll become eligible to achieve the new VIP level. For silver level, you only need a first-time deposit, while gold, platinum, diamond, and royal levels require MYR 100,000, MYR 300,000, MYR 500,000, and MYR 800,000, respectively. Go for it! You may learn how to register an account on mb8 PLAY here.


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